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2022-2023 Rivier University Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Rivier University Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Doctorate of Nursing Program (DNP) Systems Leadership Track

The total credit hours required for the Doctorate in Nursing Program (DNP) Systems Leadership Track will be thirty-nine to sixty-three (39-69) credits.

Graduates of Rivier University who successfully completed the Quality Health Care Improvement Course (NSG601), Advanced Health Policy (NSG610), or Compliance and Risk Management in Healthcare Settings (BUS 654) as part of their studies in the master’s degree program will be recognized and awarded these nine credits towards the total number of credits needed.

Post-Master’s Entry-Earned Master of Science in Nursing (Varied Clinical Hours 0-500).



Prerequisite:  Successful completion of a graduate (500 level or above) statistics course.

Degree Requirements (39-47 Credits)

Required Practicum Courses (12-20 Credits)