Feb 26, 2021  
2020-2021 Rivier Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Rivier Academic Catalog

Course Descriptions


    NSG 102 - Care of the Adult I

    Nursing 102 introduces the student to the nursing management of the medical-surgical patient with health conditions in a variety of healthcare environments. The concepts of health promotion and disease prevention are emphasized to improve a patient’s physical and psychosocial health. The nursing process provides a framework for learning and incorporates a holistic approach to nursing care. This course will include a variety of concepts such as pain and medication management, nutrition, lab, and diagnostic interpretation. Patient centered care, integrating the concepts of caring, safety, and competency will be provided to patients with health concerns through clinical and simulation experiences(Five credit theory: four credit clinical) (ASN and BSN course).

    Prerequisites & Notes

    Credits: 9