May 21, 2018  
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Information

Tuition, Fees, Refunds and Payment

Tuition and fees for the current academic year are published annually and are refundable according to the stated withdrawal policy.

Required Deposit

A tuition deposit of $100 is required upon acceptance of the first time international students.

Tuition and Fees Academic Year 2016-2017      
Graduate Nursing Clinical Courses     $970 per credit
Other Graduate Programs     $545 per credit
Doctorate in Education (Ed.D)     $585 per credit
Doctorate in Counseling and School Psychology (Psy.D)     $845 per credit
Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP)     $725 per credit
Non-Refundable Fees      
Application Fee - Doctorate     $100
Graduation Fee     $125
International - New Student Fee     $250
International - Comprehensive Semester Fee     $350
Parking Sticker Fee (once per academic year)     $50
(If students will not be parking a car on campus at any
time during the academic year they must contact the
Business Office to have the fee waived.)
Parking Fine     varies
ID Card Replacement Fee     $15
Transcript Fee     $5
Parking Fine
Deferred Payment Plan Fee (per semester)     $50
Service Charge for Returned Checks and eChecks     $25
Late Penalty     $50

Note: The University reserves the right to change any of the charges, when, in the judgment of the administration, it becomes necessary to do so.

Course All/Drop Refund and Withdrawal Policy

If after registering for courses students are unable to, or choose not to attend Rivier University, they must officially withdraw from their course(s). Students need to contact the Registrar’s Office to officially drop/ withdraw from their course(s) by the refund/ withdraw date and are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor, success coach and/ or financial aid counselor to discuss the consequence before doing so. Students are responsible for the entire charge up to the date they officially withdraw from the course. Official drop dates can be found on the Business Office Refund & Withdrawal Policy page at Withdrawals after the Drop date (last day for 100% refund) will result in the student being liable for all or part of their charges.

Payment Policy

It is the student’s responsibility to verify the amount of their semester charges on their MY LEDGER in their MyRiv account upon being registered for courses and to be aware of the payment due date and course Add/Drop Refund and Withdrawal dates. Students are able to print their statement on their MY LEDGER.

Payment Due Date

The payment due date (or acceptable payment plan in place) is one week prior to the start of a course. If a student registers after the payment due date, payment is due on the date of registration. If the student is partially registered or is planning a registration change, payment for the existing registration must still be made by the posted deadlines.

An acceptable payment plan may include financial aid, third party and deferred payment plans. Students must complete all requirements and submit required paperwork and electronic signatures by the payment due date to the Financial Aid and/or Business Office.

Payment Options

Students can view their charges/ credits, print a statement and make online payments on their MY LEDGER in MyRiv; Parents/Guardians can make payments at

Payment options include direct payments, financial aid and deferred payment plans. All payment information can be found at Payment types include cash, check, echeck and credit card. Credit/ debit card payments will be charged a 2.75% convenience fee by our credit card processor at the time of payment; students can avoid paying this fee by paying online via e-check instead. Checks can be mailed to Attn: Business Office, Rivier University, 420 South Main St., Nashua, NH 03060.

Returned/Insufficient Funds Check Policy (Protested Check)

Whenever any check, draft, or e-check issued in payment of any fee or for any purpose is returned to Rivier University, a $25 fee for the insufficient payment will be posted to the student account.

Non-Payment Policy

Students whose accounts are not paid in full by the payment due date will be placed on hold and will not be eligible to register for future courses or receive official transcripts or diplomas. Students owing for the current or previous semesters may be subject to any or all of the following actions:

  • Deregistration from courses (roster spots in the original registration cannot be guaranteed upon reregistration)
  • $50 Late payment penalty
  • Deactivation of campus identification card which suspends access to campus facilities and library, city bus services, etc.
  • Residence hall dismissal
  • Suspension of meal plan
  • Suspension of participation with athletic teams
  • Unpaid account balance sent to collection agency

Outstanding account balances may be sent to an outside collection agency. Should this occur, credit bureaus will be notified and the student will be responsible for the outstanding balance plus all collection fees and legal fees. At this point the student will no longer be able to make payment directly to Rivier University; they will be required to interact directly with the collection agency. All grades, transcripts, and diplomas will be withheld until the student has satisfied their student account balance in-full and all funds have cleared.